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The concepts developed by the Arab (Muslim) astronomers and scientists were widely studied in Europe and became the basis of modern astronomy and science.

Most of the names of stars in European languages are derived from Arabic origin as shown in the table below.

Latinized/English Name Arabic Name
Achernar Akhir al-Nahr
Acrab Aqrab (Scorpion)
Altair Nasr al-Tair
Daneb Dhanab al-Dujajah
Denebola Dhanab al-Asad
Fomal Haut Famm al-Hut

In the Mathematical vocabulary the Algebra, zenith, Nadir and cipher are borrowed from Arabic words.

Latinized/English Name Arabic Name
Algebra al-Jabr
Algorism, Algorithm Al-Khawarizmi
Zenith Cenit
Azimuth Al-sumut
Cipher, Zero Sifr

Examples of medical terms of Arabic origin commonly used in European languages are: Elixir, Alcohol, Antimonio (English Antimony), and Alcanfor (camphor).

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Other commonly used words of Arabic origin are: Alembic, Alkali, Alum, Aludel, Athomor, Azymum, Cinnabar, Tutia, Usefur, and Ziniar.

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Anatomical Terms

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Famous Scientists

Arabic Name Latinized/English Name
Jabir Ibn Haiyan Geber
Al-Khawarizmi Algorism, Algorithm
Al-Kindi Alkindus
Al-Battani Albategnius
Al-Farghani Al-Fraganus
Al-Razi Rhazes
Al-Farabi Al-Pharabius
Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahravi Albucasis
Al-Haitham Alhazen
Abu Al-Hasan Al-Mawardi Alboacen
Ibn Sina Avicenna
Ibn Zuhr Avenzoar
Ibn Rushd Averroes
Al-Zarqali Arzachel
Al-Bitruji Alpetragius
Al-Sufi Azophi
Ibn Bajah Avempace
Ali Abbas Hale Abbas


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Copyright © 1990, 1997 Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq
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