The Prophet's letter to Muqawqis, the ruler of Egypt was similar to that sent to Emperor Heraclius, as he was a Coptic Christian. Muqawqis answered to the Prophet (pbuh) evasively. However, he sent a rich present of a thousand measures of gold, twenty robes of fine cloth, a mule, and two Coptic Christian ladies who were held in great respect in Egypt. The young ladies were sisters, Mariyah and Sirin. The prophet gave Sirin to Hassan ibn Thabit, the poet, and he took Mariyah as his wife. The mule was named Duldul and the Prophet rode it in the Battle of Hunain.

The fulfillment of the second flash of light from the trench was fulfilled toward the end of the leadership of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab (ra).

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pbuh: Peace Be Upon Him. This expression is used for all Prophets of Allah.

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