The Surrender of Orihuela (Spain), 713 C.E.

The capitulation agreement between the Arab commander 'Abd'al-'Aziz (son and successor of Musa ibn Nusayr) and Theodomir, the Visigothic prince of Murcia, on the surrender of the city of Orihuela has survived to this date. This agreement was executed in 713 C.E., within two years of the first organized entry of Muslims into Spain from the south by Commander Tariq ibn Ziyad.

The earlier capitulation agreements dating from 711 were essentially the same but have not survived. The inhabitants of the conquered territories of Spain were suitably impressed by the tolerance which the Muslims offered them once active resistance had ceased, a tolerance which the Roman Catholics had not displayed to their own inhabitants when they were in power. It is these earlier agreements and their successful implementation in the conquered territories that prompted Theodomir and the population of Orihuela to agree to surrender to the Muslims....

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Copyright © 1997 All Rights Reserved Excerpt Prepared by Dr. A. Zahoor.
Adopted from "Islam in Andalus," by A. Thomson and M. Ata'ur-Rahim, 1996.

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